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Giving the Devil His Due: Joe Hill’s Horns

Some of my favorite stories are those that put a new spin on an old theme.  Joe Hill’s Horns: A Novel is the perfect example of the old Faustian sotey wherein the hero makes a deal with the devil… sort of.  In this case our hero, Ig Perrish wakes up one morning to discover horns on his head and a special ability.  I won’t spoil that for you (this is a review, not a synopsis… one of my pet peeves is that “reviewers” don’t know the difference), but Ig’s journey from a good, albeit, misunderstood guy to Prince of Darkness takes the reader through a murder mystery and love story wrapped in a thriller.

Ig takes a Hero’s Journey to discover who he is and ultimately who killed his girlfriend.  The characters are rich and as textured as they come.  Give it a go, if for nothing else, but the shear entertainment value.

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