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Senior Pooch to the rescue!

Boo Boo enjoying a day of leisure

Howdy crew!

I’m still kicking and more importantly still writing.  No big news from the publishing side of things yet, but I continue to put pen to paper.  The day gig creeps in quite a bit these days, but that’s my problem, eh?

In addition to working on fiction, I recently launched a new blog, dedicated to my love for senior dogs. Boo Boo, my border collie/flat-coated retriever, passed earlier this year somewhere north of 13 years old.  It was rough, because we had come quite a ways together. He has been found as a stray and there were a lot of indications that he was abused in his former life based upon his mental state when I got him, but happily we worked through a lot of the bumps together.

Fast friends

A month after I laid him to rest I got Rusty. Rusty’s a troublemaker.  Rusty doesn’t get along well with other dogs.  He’s aggressive.  It wasn’t untrue.  He had some issues, but I saw something.  It was that same nervousness that Boo Boo had, but Rusty wasn’t going to take crap from anyone.  Several weeks of socialization and lots of training later, and… well, he’s not quite the model citizen, but he not only gets along with almost every dog he meets, but even those that are more excitable calm down after they get a chance to know each other.

Trust me folks, I’m no Dog Whisperer, but I took this opportunity to launch as part public service announcement about all of the good that comes from owning a senior dog, part homage to Boo Boo, and part photo diary of my new adventures with Rusty.  So far the reception is blowing me away.  If dogs are your thing, whether or not you’ve had an old one, you might be interested in adopting a new dog, but are unsure of how old is too old, or just want a peek into another of my passions, come check it out.  So far, I’m having a lot of fun with it.


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